Group critical illness insurance

An integral part of acomprehensive benefits plan

Everyone knows someone who has suffered a serious illness. As public awareness of critical illness has grown, so has the critical illness insurance market in Canada. Employers and employees are becoming increasingly aware of the value of adding this insurance to their group benefit programs.

A benefits plan plays a critical role in enhancing employees’ well-being and building loyalty. Critical illness insurance (CII) is not intended to replace other benefits – it is designed to complement them.

Offering CII as part of a benefits plan can help employees protect themselves and their families if they should face a serious illness. They will be better able to access the medical treatment they need and to focus on their recovery without worrying about the financial burden. Employers benefit from improved employee loyalty and productivity, and enhanced recognition as an employer of choice.

Giving employees more

There may be a misconception by employees that additional coverage is not necessary given the benefits they already have. However, not all critical illnesses result in a disability claim, nor do all of the costs associated with a serious illness qualify for health benefits. CII can provide an added level of security to help fill any gaps in an overall financial protection plan.

Critical Illness insurance complements disability, life, and health benefits. If employees should suffer a covered illness, they would be paid a one-time, lumpsum benefit following a specified survival period and approval of their claim. The benefit is paid regardless of whether they are able to work or what expenses they have incurred. Employees collect the full amount even if they make a full recovery. And they can use the money any way they want – to seek other treatment, buy specialized equipment or pay down their mortgage.

Competitive premium rates

Our CII premium rates are annually renewable and fully pooled. If the mandatory planis chosen, premium rates will be based on the demographics of the group. For the voluntary coverage, rates are based on the individual’s age band, gender and smoker status.

Value for employees, value for you

Our Critical Illness insurance offers some significant "pluses" including:

  • Coverage terms and conditions that are clear and easy to understand.
  • Medical underwriting that is thorough, consistent and highly respected in theindustry.
  • Claim services provided by an experienced, knowledgeable claims team who specializes in the management of critical illness insurance claims.

The choice is yours

Our Critical Illness insurance plans are designed to let employers choose what’s best. We offer three levels of protection, from a basic plan (A) that covers the three most common critical conditions, an enhanced plan (B) that covers 11 conditions, and a comprehensive plan (C) that covers 19 conditions

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Provided employees have not terminated their Critical Illness insurance voluntarily, the conversion privilege allows them to continue their coverage when the group Critical Illness insurance benefit terminates, e.g. when they change employment.