We’re enhancing our online wellness information

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As of February 7, 2010, we’re enhancing our online wellness information by adding Novus Health tools and resources to our online wellness centre (www.sunlife.ca/member).

Why are we adding content from Novus Health?

We want to create a richer experience for your plan members, with broader information on health and disease management and more tools so they can access the information they want when they need it. Written with plan members in mind, the information provided by Novus Health is user friendly – it’s easy to navigate and understand and provides a broader and more complete solution.

What’s changing? 

We’re adding new Novus Health navigation tools and resources including their Health Services Directory that lets your plan members search for provincial health care services that are close to where they live. 

New features



Managing My Health
  • Finding health care providers
  • Health advocacy
  • Prevention and Promotion: Strategies
  • Managing chronic illness
  • International health
  • Accessing care
  • Personal support
Health and Wellness
  • Health Channels
  • Health alerts
Health Services Directory
  • Provincial health care services
  • Community support groups
  • Physicians
  • Facilities directory

What’s staying the same?

We are keeping the rest of the Health & Wellness Companion content from our provider Practice Solutions, including the medication library, the drug look-up function, the Personal Health Record and all wellness assessments.


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