Time for Change

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The January 2011 issue of Benefits Canada magazine features the cover story by Sun Life’s Senior VP of Group Benefits, Stuart Monteith. The article addresses why the group benefits industry should capitalize on technology innovation.

Mr. Monteith’s article, Time for Change, discusses a range of topics and solutions that the group benefits industry can use to better communicate with plan sponsors and plan members and ultimately, to enhance group benefits plans. 

You can read the article online at Sun Life’s innovations microsite:  http://www.benefitscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/time-for-a-change.pdf hosted by Benefits Canada (www.benefitscanada.com/microsites/Sunlife).  Sun Life regularly updates this microsite, so please be sure to check in periodically throughout the year to see what new and exciting topics are featured on it.


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