Sharing bright thoughts on wellness

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When we launched the Sun Life Wellness InstituteTM last month, we promised our clients more information and insights on workplace wellness. We’re delivering on that promise today with two new releases from the Sun Life Wellness Institute!

Bright Paper: Profits of Wellness

Bright Papers are a new way for Sun Life to share insights with our clients. You’ll see more of them coming soon from the Wellness Institute as well as from other areas all over Sun Life. They will cover such topics as Gen Y, drugs and pharma, and many others.

Profits of Wellness: Turning the high cost of poor health habits into healthy returns delves deeply into the results of the 2010 Sun Life Canadian Health IndexTM. Examining Canadians’ perceptions about their health, it makes a strong case for why a fundamental shift to prevention away from current treatment-centric models is needed.

A compelling case for smoking cessation programs in the workplace

Sun Life’s own Erin Dick, Manager of Health and Wellness, has written an article that shines a light on the need for smoking cessation programs in the workplace. Despite tougher regulations around smoking, the habit is still a very real issue in Canada. The article outlines some best practices that employers can implement to lower smoking rates in their workplaces, and see thousands of dollars of cost-savings per year.

Read the full article in the June 20 issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

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