Updates to mysunlife.ca

# 315
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We’re always looking for ways to make your plan members’ online experience better and easier. Now, when plan members sign in to www.mysunlife.ca, they’ll notice a few updates with useful information, depending on their plan.

What are the changes?

New links added on the Quick view page:

  • PVS (Preferred Vision Services)  − informs all plan members about the savings available on eyewear and hearing devices through the PVS network of health care service providers. Also includes a discount card.
  • Europ Assistance – for plan members who have extended healthcare coverage with emergency travel assistance, we’ve added a new link to the website of Europ Assistance USA, Inc., our emergency travel assistance service provider. It includes helpful information and tips for members when planning their trip and later in case of an emergency while travelling.

For plan members who have Extended Health Care coverage or a Health Spending Account, we have updated some details on the following web pages:

  • Provincial Health Plans – we are providing links directly to provincial medicare plan websites and select special programs so that plan members have access to the most current information;
  • Travel Benefits and Medi-Passport – we’ve added more information on submitting claims for out-of-province medical expenses to make it easier for plan members who have incurred medical expenses while travelling;
  • Health Spending Account coverage – we’ve reformatted this page to make it easier for plan members to see what is covered under their HSA.

The website changes we’re making will not affect the coverage provided under your plan or change the way we adjudicate claims we receive from your plan members.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.