The online registration process for my Sun Life is getting a makeover!

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On February 20, we will reveal the new look of the my Sun Life online registration process. Along with the easy-to-remember email web access ID option introduced in December (Focus Update #252), this new and improved online registration shows our dedication to constantly improving the member experience at Sun Life Financial.

Improvements include:

Clear navigation

A progress bar has been added to the top of each registration page to make it clear to members which step they are in the online registration process.

Updated content, visuals, and functionality

The first page in the registration process has been updated to include information for personal plan owners, updated privacy and fraud links, and information around what the member needs to complete their registration. Pages have been updated with more welcoming and engaging content and, with new ‘preview’ functionality to provide more details to members who need additional help.
The new ‘select to preview information’ button appears on the pages where certain information such as account number and policy information is required. If members are not sure where to find this information they can select the new ‘select to preview information’ buttons on the applicable pages and be shown where to find what they need to complete the process.

More personalization

Once the member identifies themselves, the system will automatically personalize the remaining registration pages with their name as well the appropriate contact information based on what account/contract/policy information they used to register. For example, if the member used their group benefits account information to register; they will see the Group Benefits toll free number.

More choice for your members

It’s never been easier for your members to manage their account! Members are able to:

  • decide which account they’d like to use to register (Group Benefits or Group Retirement Services)
  • choose what access ID they want to use (14 digit number, or their email address)
  • decide how they would like to receive their password (by mail, or electronically if available)
  • change their information at any time.


We’ve created the following communication to help guide new members enrolling online. It details each of the steps in the process and points out helpful features.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.