Tackling runaway drug plan costs

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“In the face of escalating drug costs how can we achieve predictability, sustainability and even better value from our drug plan with minimal or no impact to our plan members?”

Sound familiar? We hear you, and then had questions of our own.

So in March 2011, together with Ispos Reid, Sun Life Group Benefits conducted an online survey reaching 800 Canadians with a private drug plan to ask about their awareness, attitudes and perceptions of:

  • health care costs
  • prescription drug coverage plans offered by employers
  • strategies aimed at containing the costs of these plans

The findings are helping to shape our pharmaceutical benefits philosophy and direction.

We have gathered this research and shared it in a Sun Life Bright paper. The report, Drug management solutions, not as tough a pill to swallow for employees, demonstrates that employees are far more aware of cost pressures faced by employer-funded plans and, more importantly, much more accepting of the drug management solutions than was thought.

There is no better time to take action to control rising drug plan costs than today.


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