gets a makeover!

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Out with the old and in with the new! Now when you go to our website you’ll see a number of changes we’ve made to further enhance the online experience for you and your plan members!

Why did we do it?

  • Provide clear direction for plan sponsors and members to the content they need.
  • Drive traffic to deeper content available within
  • Maintain an editorial calendar to more proactively manage the content.
  • Use plain language wherever possible to ensure the pages are easy to read and navigate through.

The NEW plan sponsor experience

When you go to and select from the ‘Group benefits’ drop-down menu, you will have access to new materials designed to help serve you better!

With updated drop-down menus and a left navigation bar you can easily find the information you need regardless of what page you are on within the site. And, all of the new pages are available outside of the password protected login so you don’t even have to sign in!

Why wait? Start surfing!

Here are some of the new pages you will find:

Sun Life group benefits: outlines our value proposition and our commitment to you.

Group benefits products & services: Easily locate and learn about the products and services available to you with an alphabetized left navigation bar. 

Online services: read about the features of our secure Plan Sponsor Services site, as well how to provide your plan members with the tools they need to manage their benefits plan on!

Forms:  easily locate and download any forms you may be looking for.

We want to make things easy for plan members too!

We have also revamped the pages on our site to better serve plan members and allow them to take control of their benefits plan!

With the click of a mouse plan members will have the access to:

We have created the following communication for you to share with your members to help them get better acquainted with the new pages. Stay tuned for more online and technological developments to help us serve you better!


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.