Fillable disability forms now available on Plan Sponsor website

PDF version

We’re saving you time and streamlining the administration work associated with managing absences, by making it even easier for you and your plan members to submit disability forms.

All initial disability forms are now available online

On the SunAdvantage Group Benefits area of our public website, you’ll now find our Short- and Long-Term Disability (STD and LTD) form packages.

Plan sponsor and plan member packages

Our standard initial Disability forms have been put into ‘packages’ for both plan sponsors and plan members and contain all the information and forms needed to fill out and submit a disability claim.

Improved functionality

A new feature of the packages is that both you and your plan members will be able to download the PDF claim forms, complete and save them electronically. Once completed, you can then print the forms and continue to submit them via fax or mail as you do now.  Plan members will need to ensure that they sign the authorizations before the forms are submitted as we continue to need their signature on the authorizations.

Notice of Claim form for LTD

Until now, this form has served as both a notification of a plan member’s absence and a request to have the LTD claim forms sent to you. Now that the LTD claim forms are available on our website, you will no longer need to submit this form. 

Have any other forms changed?

If you have customized disability claim forms, you should continue to use the forms you have as this new functionality only applies to our standard suite of forms.  All other forms remain the same.

Where to find it all

Go to the SunAdvantage Group Benefits Forms public website at

This is just the beginning! Watch for more enhancements later this year, including the ability to check the status of disability absences (including key information such as the forecasted return-to-work date), and the ability for you and your employees to submit disability statements online.


If you require more information, please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.