Administrative Services Only (ASO) - update to Plan Member Booklet



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Due to the recent attention to Administrative Services Only (ASO) employee benefits plans in the legislature in connection with employers who are having financial difficulties, Sun Life has clarified the wording in the Plan Member Booklet to better inform your plan members about the benefit funding arrangements of their plan. (See below).


Members need to know and understand if their benefit plan is under an ASO arrangement in order to make informed decisions about their personal benefit needs. The new wording clarifies the roles of Sun Life and their employer if their benefits are ASO.

We considered the legislative requirements for disclosure by plan sponsors in Alberta and British Columbia when we drafted the new wording. In these provinces, employers are legally required to disclose to employees that a plan is ASO.

You will see the change incorporated into your booklets at the next revision.

The New Wording


The contract holder, <Name of the contract holder>, self-insures the <XXX> benefit. This means <Name of the contract holder> has the sole legal and financial liability for this benefit and funds the claims. Sun Life provides administrative services only (ASO) such as claims adjudication and claims processing.

In addition to the plan member booklet, we will be refreshing our administration documentation (disability letters, tax information slips and cheques) to reflect the ASO arrangement, where applicable.


If you require more information, please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.