Exciting enhancements to My Health CHOICE - Extended Health Care and Dental Insurance


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We've seen tremendous success with our My Health CHOICE- Extended Health Care and Dental Insurance. Plan sponsors across the country have taken advantage of our streamlined enrolment approach – one phone call is all it takes – to help exiting plan members maintain their Health and Dental coverage with Sun Life Financial.


My Health CHOICE - part of Sun Life’s My CHOICE Plans suite of products, is designed as a transition solution for plan members leaving their employee group coverage. Plan members may be transitioning to:

  • another job,
  • self employment,
  • contract or part time employment,
  • unemployment, or
  • retirement.


On December 14th 2009, we made exciting enhancements to the My Health CHOICE - Extended Health Care and Dental Insurance:

  • My Health CHOICE now provides members and their immediate family with fast access to world class medical expertise through Best Doctors!
  • The new plan adjusts the renewal period to coincide with the policy anniversary date. This means the rate will be in effect for a full 12 months - no rate changes mid-way through the policy year.
  • Emergency travel medical coverage has been added to the Standard coverage option. 
  • On both the Standard and Enhanced coverage options, the co-insurance requirement for vision care has been removed.
  • The dental package (available under the Enhanced coverage option only) now includes restorative procedures.


Important: Please recycle any My CHOICE Plans or Extended Health Care and Dental Insurance brochures you currently have in stock, and order new stock through your advisor.

Reminder: Eligibility requirement

To enrol in any of the My CHOICE Plans transition products, plan members must have been actively at work at the time their employee group benefits terminated, and be transitioning to another job, self-employment, contract or part-time employment, unemployment or retirement.


Enrolling is easy!

Plan member applications for My Health CHOICE, and any other My CHOICE Plans they are eligible for, are handled by licensed Insurance and Savings specialists and enrollment is completed over the phone – making it easy for exiting plan members to get the coverage they need when they need it.



Please contact your advisor.