Cuba requires visitors to carry proof of medical insurance, effective May 1, 2010

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Starting May 1, 2010, a new Cuban government measure will require all visitors to possess medical coverage in order to enter the country. Foreign citizens who have temporary residence in Cuba must also have medical insurance that covers them for the duration of their stay.

The Travel Health Insurance Association (THIA) has been advised that Cuban authorities will accept either a Provincial Health Insurance card or proof of private travel insurance coverage as sufficient proof to meet this requirement. Without either of these forms of proof visitors will be required to buy insurance from Cuban companies upon arrival.

Although there is no guarantee that visitors won’t be required to purchase local coverage, based on information provided to date by Cuban officials, the following proof of medical coverage should be sufficient for entry. Members and dependents should be prepared to present the following proof of medical coverage: 

1) Provincial Health Insurance card. Each member of the family should travel with their own personalized card. Even though Provincial Health Insurance Plan coverage may gain the card-holder entry into Cuba, it should not be relied upon as their only form of emergency medical coverage.

2) Sun Life Financial coverage card including the Travel Card portion. The Europ Assistance logo should be clearly visible on the card as proof of the travel assistance provider.

  • Members can sign-in to the Plan Member Services website at to print their combined Coverage/Travel Card, or take their paper Travel Card found in the Travel Benefit brochure if they do not have access to the Plan Member Services website.

3) Copy of covered expenses under the emergency travel assistance benefit

  • This can also be printed from the Plan Member Services website when printing their Coverage/Travel Card; members are provided with instructions. Members without access to the Plan Member Services website should copy the section of their member booklet describing your out-of-country and emergency travel assistance coverage.

As an option, members travelling alone or with families to Cuba can contact the Group Benefits Customer Care Centre at 1-800-361-6212 to obtain a letter which outlines their coverage and lists their covered dependents, if applicable.

Contact Europ Assistance in the event of a medical emergency

We have taken steps to confirm that Europ Assistance, our emergency travel assistance provider, is recognized by ASISTUR, the official insurance and assistance entity recognized in Cuba. Therefore, if members have a medical emergency in Cuba, help is available to them when they call Europ Assistance.

Things to remember:

  • Members need to use the services of an international operator to reach Europ Assistance as direct dialing is not available from Cuba. The phone number to call is shown on your Travel Card.
  • The member, or someone with them, must call Europ Assistance before receiving medical care;
  • Once contacted, Europ Assistance will refer the member to the nearest facility for medical treatment, confirm coverage and benefits, facilitate payment to a hospital or medical provider, whenever possible and monitor the medical situation if they are hospitalized.

We are also including a communication for your plan members.


Contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.