Save your access ID for added convenience

March 2007

Save your access ID for added convenience

You’ll soon have the option of saving your Plan Sponsor Services access ID.

Why are we doing this?
You may be familiar with saving your access ID on the Plan Member Services sign in page. We want to give you the same convenience for Plan Sponsor Services, to provide a consistent online experience.

Protecting your information
You can only save one Plan Sponsor Services access ID. If you share your computer with another person, do not save your access ID. This helps to ensure that your information and your employees’ information are not accessible to others.

To save your access ID:
• On the sign in page (, enter your access ID and password.
• Select Save your access ID, then Submit.
• Follow the prompts that guide you through the next steps.

The next time you visit the sign in page using the same computer, your access ID will be pre-filled.

To turn off this feature, just select Remove your saved access ID from the sign in page.

More to come
Later in 2007 we’ll strengthen the authentication process for accessing Plan Sponsor Services. Watch for details coming in a few months.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your customer service representative at 1-877-786-7227.