New email access IDs make it easier for members to access

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We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for your members to interact with us online. Starting December 12, we’re introducing an email access ID option.

What’s changing?

More value

Members have told us they want an easier way to sign in – that it can be difficult to memorize a 12 or14 digit number.

We don’t want a difficult-to-remember access ID to stand in the way of members using There’s so much for members to do in the password-protected area of that we want to make the sign-in process as easy as possible.

More choice

When members sign in to the new my Sun Life page after December 12, they will have the option of using their email address as their access ID instead of the 12 or14 digit numerical ID they use now.

Note: If members call our Customer Care Centre or use our automated telephone system, they will still need to use their numerical access IDs.

More control

Members have the flexibility and control to update their email access ID at any time. They need to access their profile within the password-protected site and go to the Profile > Access info page. From there, they can add, change and even delete their email access ID.

We’ll help communicate the new access options to your plan members

We have prepared a communication for your members to let them know about email access IDs. We’re also placing an ad on both the homepage and (i.e. sign-in) pages and a message on the password- protected member website to remind them of the new option.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.