Innovation rules the day at Sun Life

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One of Sun Life’s goals for 2010 was to bring added value to our clients through investment in innovation. We’ve shown some of this to you earlier through our “Innovations” microsite hosted by Benefits Canada ( where you see a sampling of our innovations to date for 2010. Another way to bring value is to publish informative articles about what’s happening through innovation in the industry.

Stuart Monteith, Sun Life’s Senior Vice-President of Group Benefits, has written an article about industry innovation that appeared in the June 2010 issue of Benefits and Pensions Monitor. We are sharing Mr. Monteith’s article about the new and exciting developments you may expect to see happening in the industry in the months to come.

We hope you find this article to be informative, insightful and helpful in anticipating the next big innovative breakthroughs on the horizon.


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