Canadian Health IndexTM

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What Canadians think, do, and don’t do about their health

The results of the Canadian Health Index are in and they offer captivating insights into the state of our nation’s health, behaviours and attitudes. This landmark coast-to-coast study of almost 4,000 Canadian adults was conducted in October 2010 by Ipsos Reid and commissioned by Sun Life Financial.

The results reveal that despite acknowledging their own responsibility for their health, Canadians say they lack the motivation, time and money to do something about it.  This means that as a Plan Sponsor, you hold a unique opportunity to address these barriers in the workplace.

We have created a special Plan Sponsors’ report – ‘Employee Health Matters – Breaking down barriers to reap the rewards of a healthy workforce’ which highlights the findings most relevant to you. It is packed with interesting facts, figures and valuable statistics to give you an insight into the state of Canadian health and the positive steps that can be taken in the workplace to improve it.

This is just the beginning! 

Look for:

  • The Canadian Health Index web page and Plan Sponsors’ Report download –
  • Our national press release
  • Many more findings from the Canadian Health Index in the coming months.


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