All about group benefits fraud awareness


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Last year, Sun Life shared new fraud collateral – including a video for plan sponsors about the fraud controls around the submission of online claims. If you missed it, please visit our fraud microsite. You’ll also see other collateral about the importance of benefits fraud protection.

Just for your plan members

We’re pleased to announce a new video for you to share with your plan members. This is Sun Life’s first fraud awareness video targeted to plan members. We have prepared a brief Plan Member Communication for you to distribute to them as appropriate.

Fraud awareness collateral

Over the past two years, Sun Life has created new group benefits fraud awareness and protection material.

Here are some highlights by audience:

Plan Sponsors

Plan Members

Video – fraud controls around online claims

Video – benefits fraud and roles they play in plan protection

Brochure – Benefits Fraud: Shrink the Risk

Flyers – common fraud topics

E-bulletin – Quarterly bulletin on fraud

Tips flyer – fraud awareness

Tips flyer – Fraud awareness

Quiz – Fraud savvy awareness

Much of this content is located on the above noted fraud microsite.

What’s next

Stay tuned for our next fraud e-bulletin coming later this month. It’s distributed with the weekly Focus Updates.                                                          


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