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Safeguard your investments while building your savings with Sun Protect Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF).

Benefits of Sun Protect GIF

100% maturity guarantee available - icon

100% maturity guarantee available

Deposits made in the first year are 100% guaranteed. Deposits made on or after the first anniversary date have a 75% maturity guarantee.*

100% death benefit guarantee - icon

100% death benefit guarantee

Upon death, the death benefit paid will be the greater of the death benefit guarantee or the current market value.

Diverse leading fund companies - icon

Diverse leading fund companies

Choose from approximately 20 funds, and benefit from the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers.

*Resets are available up to 4 times per year until age 80; guarantees are reduced for withdrawals. Additional contractual provisions either provide 100% maturity guarantee or limit the maturity guarantee to 75% under other circumstances. Refer to the Sun Protect GIF Information Folder and Contract for a complete description of the maturity guarantee.

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