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Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF offers flexibility and choice to make decisions when investors are ready – they control when they want to start taking income. It meets the needs of investors getting ready for retirement with a convenient Set, Reset and Collect process.

Set: Investors receive guaranteed income certainty through their initial investment and subsequent deposits. The minimum lifetime guaranteed income amount will increase every year that income is deferred.

Reset: Up until when income payments begin, the minimum amount of lifetime guaranteed income will automatically increase every year if market performance and interest rates are favourable.

Collect: When an investor decides to begin receiving retirement income, there's one final reset based on combined market value and interest rates, potentially increasing their level of lifetime guaranteed income.

Benefits of Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF


Lifetime guaranteed income

Give investors the certainty of knowing what their minimum lifetime guaranteed income will be, the choice of when to start it and the ability for it to grow through the deferral phase.

Annual resets - icon

Annual resets

Before taking income, minimum lifetime guaranteed income will automatically increase every year that market value and interest rates increase. There's nowhere for investors' income to go but up.

Diverse leading fund companies - icon

Diverse leading fund companies

Hold up to 70% in equity funds and choose from approximately 40 funds, benefit from the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers.

Control over legacy settlement - icon

Control over legacy settlement

Investors can choose to have the death benefit paid to beneficiaries as either a lump sum or a non-commutable payout annuity.

Private Client - icon

Private Client*

Private Client gives you a fresh approach to investing.  Clients can choose from a wide range of investment options with highly competitive fees and other advantages tailored to the needs of affluent investors.

*not available with Sun GIF Solutions Income Series

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