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The Sun Life Financial Advantage
Total Member Service
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The Sun Life Financial Advantage

At Sun Life Financial, we are dedicated to delivering the best group retirement services in Canada by facilitating peace of mind to plan sponsors and helping plan members achieve lifetime financial independence.

What does this mean to your company?

  • No worry, hassle-free administration
  • Increased control over fiduciary responsibility
  • Competitive, leading-edge value-added benefit programs that help position our clients as employers of choice.

Sun Life Financial is the largest provider of group retirement services in Canada, administering more than 7,900 group plans to cover 980,000 members. We have the people and the resources to provide you with the group retirement and savings program you are looking for.

 Total Member Service

Communication is vital to the success of any group retirement or savings plan. Sun Life Financial works in partnership with plan sponsors and plan advisors to provide exceptional education and communication services for plan members.

  • It all begins with enrolment meetings customized to your client's group retirement program and communicated by our experienced representatives.
  • Call Centre Service ensures that your plan members have immediate access to a qualified professional for information and assistance with all aspects of their company-sponsored plan.
  • From online enrolment to online termination and everything in between, our Plan Member Services website provides plan members with easy, convenient access to their group retirement plan account as well as plan details, educational information and asset allocation and retirement planning tools.
  • We offer a series of financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning seminars. Our representatives are experienced and hand-picked, based on rigorous qualification standards.
  • We have formed alliances with best-in-class providers such as: T.E. Wealth for fee-only financial planning services; The Investor Learning Centre for informational seminars; and Seclon Logic, the leading provider of customized online retirement planning tools. These alliances allow us to provide a one-stop centre of excellence for our clients.

We can help provide the expertise, the tools and the education your plan members need to make informed investment decisions.

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 Plan Sponsor Services

Sun Life Financial is dedicated to providing plan sponsors with exceptional service and support.

Internet Access for You
We recognize the importance of keeping our clients informed, which is why we developed the Plan Sponsor Services website. You can zoom in on details, look at plan demographics, download information and create customized graphs in a way that can't be replicated by paper reports.

Quality Assurance
Sun Life Financial ensures that our policies, processes and systems meet high standards of business practices and operational transparency. We understand that our business practices have a direct impact on our clients. We want our clients and their plan members to feel confident with our products and services and that each one is supported by well-defined and regularly monitored processes and procedures. We have established a number of measures to illustrate our quality assurance to clients and their plan members.

CAP compliance
We provide our clients with a CAP Guidelines Certificate which confirms that we have designed our services, including those offered to our plan sponsors, in consideration of the Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP) Guidelines.

Investment governance
We publish a Compliance Certificate which confirms that the investment managers within our Core Investment Selection™ are compliant with their Statement of Investment Policies and Guidelines.

CICA Section 5970
In this report we describe the nature of our controls, and provide insight into the timing and extent of the testing performed by external auditors. The Report provides our clients and business partners with the information that can assist them with fulfilling their governance responsibilities and their pension audit requirements, while reducing any associated auditing costs. It also reinforces our commitment to maintaining strict internal controls and establishes and independent measure of how we fulfill our mandate to safeguard client and member assets and information.

 Group Retirement and Savings Plan Options

Sun Life Financial can custom-design a plan to meet the needs of any business. Our plans include:

  • Defined Contribution Pension Plans
  • Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • Multi-level Profit Sharing Plans
  • Simplified Pension Plans
  • Non-registered Savings Plans
  • Defined Benefit Solutions

Investment Management
When selecting your funds, we can help. Sun Life Financial offers a diverse selection of investment funds through our Core Investment Selection™. Plan members can take full advantage of a range of investment styles and market cycles. Our investment managers are chosen with care, based on a thorough review of their performance and commitment to their business.

We also offer the following innovative features:

  • Customizable Asset Allocation funds
  • Tax-Free Savings Account
  • Automatic Contribution Spillover
  • Stock Funds
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Group RRIF/LIF
  • Pensioner payroll services

Talk to one of our representatives and find out how Sun Life Financial can provide you with the group retirement and savings plan your plan members need.

Eastern Canada   1-800-387-9019 
Quebec               1-800-561-5910 
Western Canada  1-877-266-3563  

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