SunAffinity (contract and part-time workers)

For customers that hire part-time, contract or self-employed professionals, may not provide these workers with access to group benefits. Our clients can become an employer of choice for them by offering a progressive voluntary benefits package available online through our SunAffinity website. The member pays 100 per cent of the cost and we handle all the administration. Once members are set up in SunAffinity, their benefits are completely portable if their job situation changes.

As in a regular group benefits package, a wide range of products are available through SunAffinity, including Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Critical Illness, Health and Dental Care insurance. Canadian residents aged 18 to 60 are eligible. The package can also be offered to other members such as terminating plan members, or even to spouse and dependent children for some products.

For more information or to use our online tools, visit You will see just how easy it is to offer plan members and associates a comprehensive benefits package right at their fingertips.