Let us empower you with Plan InSite

You've just seen and heard how Plan InSite is a powerful online benchmarking tool that gives you the ability to:

  • Benchmark your Sun Life clients' plan designs against our entire group benefits block
  • Create customized plans for prospective Sun Life clients that align with the industry standard
  • Compare claims utilization for current Sun Life clients to entire industries and determine areas for change
  • Access plan design summary details within seconds online

These capabilities empower you to deliver value added insight and service to your clients, giving you a competitive advantage and the ability to grow your business.

Information at your fingertips

Plan InSite offers online and on-demand access to comprehensive information such as:

  • Comparison of nearly 250 group benefits plan design attributes
  • Comparison by client size
  • Claims cost comparison such as average amount paid by total covered or claiming members
  • Minor benefit category comparisons (e.g. chiropractor) not just at the major level (e.g. paramedical)
  • Detailed industry comparison down to a SIC code tier 3 level (e.g. Tier 1 – Manufacturing, Tier 2 – Lumber, Wood Products and Tier 3 – Manufacturers of Kitchen Cabinets) versus just a tier 1 level (e.g. only Manufacturing)
  • Geographic comparison against another province or territory

Data driven insight 

With Plan InSite you can effectively answer fundamental questions your client’s have about their benefits plans:

  • How competitive is our plan design compared to others in our industry?
  • How competitive is our plan design in our province compared to another province?
  • How will a change in our organization, such as an acquisition, down-sizing or re-location impact our ability to retain talent?
  • Is plan utilization in line with what our competitors are experiencing?
  • How can we target and address key cost or utilization concerns?
  • What direction should we take to develop focused business and human resource strategies?

With access to hard and benchmarked data, you can help answer client questions in a manner that instils confidence that their business objectives are being met. You strengthen your position as an integral and influential source of insight to your clients’ group benefits and human resource decision-making processes.

The support you need to be empowered right away

We built Plan InSite to be easy and intuitive to use, so you can access the information you need right away. Additionally, we’ve created step-by-step virtual tutorials for Plan InSite’s core plan design, my custom plan design and claims utilization benchmarking capabilities.

Finally, our commitment to supporting you on a continuous basis is achieved through our toll-free Plan InSite Information Line.

How does my firm get access to Plan InSite?


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