We Believe


We Believe

Together we can help manage your clients' costs.

We Believe

Your clients should thank you.

We Believe

In making your job easier and more rewarding.

Sun Life "mobilizes" for your clients

Connect with us in a whole new way! Group Plan members can use their smart phone to connect to their group benefits and savings plans.

Learn more about our mobile app

Why Life’s Brighter Under the Sun

Learn more about our commitment to you , to your clients, and to their plan members.


Managing Disability management

Learn more about how our Disability management helps ensure long-term productivity and financial reward.

E-claims… It’s about time!

Celebrating 10 years! Learn more about our instant on-line adjudication of claims.

Prepare yourself for a Gen-Y world!

Learn more about the unique needs of Gen-Y, and the impact they will have in the workplace and beyond.

Employee wellness solutions fit for success!

Learn more about our health and wellness plan that helps promote a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

Our fight against fraud

Learn more about our industry-leading anti-fraud technology and team of experts.

Welcome to our world of claims solutions

Learn more about our innovative claims processing technology and how it virtually transforms the way paper claims are processed.