Updated Customer Care Centre consent forms now available!

APRIL 2009

PDF version


We updated the Customer Care Centre plan member consent forms, so plan members can authorize you to call the Customer Care Centre on their behalf.

As part of your service offering to your Group Benefit clients, plan members may contact you directly to make a claim inquiry on their behalf. Due to privacy legislation, Sun Life Financial cannot release personal information without having the appropriate plan member consent in place.

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Based on your feedback, Sun Life Financial has developed a short and easy-to-complete consent form. This solution enhances your ability to quickly respond to the plan member’s needs, while at the same time ensuring their privacy is maintained.

Plan member consent form

Spouse/Dependent over age 16 consent form

Before making a call to our Customer Care Centre, ask the plan member to complete the appropriate consent form and send it by fax or by mail. The fax number and the mailing address are at the bottom of the consent forms.

Plan members will need to complete this form just once, as we will have it on file and you’ll be in the position to immediately find answers to their questions.

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Please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative if you have any questions.