April 27, 2020

More protection for employees’ Social Insurance Numbers

Protecting your employees’ privacy is one of our top priorities.

However, some of your employees’ member IDs reflect their Social Insurance Numbers (SIN). Their member ID can be part of their account number, which appears on their statements.

Please note: This may even apply if you used to use a SIN as a member ID, but have transitioned to a unique ID for active employees. Terminated, retired or inactive employees may still have a member ID that contains their SIN.

To address any privacy concerns, Sun Life is making a change to statements. We will mask any four or more consecutive digits that match an employee’s SIN on their statement. This will begin on the May 2020 month-end statements

The “Information I should know” section of the member statement will explain this change to your employees. It will also encourage them to sign in to mysunlife.ca or call us for help finding their full account number.

Please contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.