September 09, 2019

Changes to Sun Life’s Core investment platform

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada purchases units of the fund listed below, which are established as segregated funds in accordance with the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).

Sun Life regularly reviews the Core investment platform in response to client interest and evolving fund offerings in the market.

Effective immediately, we will remove the BlackRock Active Canadian Equity Segregated Fund from the marketed list of our Core investment platform. This means that we will no longer market this fund to new Clients who don’t already offer it in their line-ups.

This change does not impact Clients currently offering the fund and contributions from their plan members may continue. Our governance and audit support for the fund will continue in the foreseeable future. We may have a re-evaluation should assets in this fund decline significantly.

BlackRock’s Active Canadian Equity strategy has experienced:

  • net client outflows
  • changes to the portfolio management team, and
  • disappointing performance over the last several years.

As a result, the Fund is on the GRS Investment Solutions Watch List (“Additional Monitoring” category).

In addition, we will now remove the funds listed below from the Core investment platform due to lack of client demand (minimal or no assets). We will stop governance on these funds in September 2019:

  • Sun Life MFS US Growth Hedged
  • Sun Life MFS US Value Hedged
  • TDAM US Shareholder Yield
  • Rowe Price International Disciplined Equity

Out of the four funds above, only T. Rowe Price International Disciplined Equity fund has assets. We will contact Clients impacted by this change directly and will assist them in moving the assets in this fund to an equivalent fund. 

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.