June 17, 2019

Sun Life wins an award for health & wellness innovation

Great efforts get rewarded: PwC Canada named us the 2019 winner for their Vision to Reality (V2R) Award. Our efforts in creating, building and cheering on Lumino Health ensured our lock in the Reinventor category.

Lumino health – a refresher
We launched Lumino Health in 2018 as a premier online network of health resources – free for all Canadians – offering:

  • Info on more than 150,000 health providers including
    • dentists,
    • massage therapists,
    • chiropractors,
    • physiotherapists,
    • psychologists,
    • vision care providers,
    • naturopaths,
    • acupuncturists and more
  • Nearly 10 million ratings on these providers from our benefits plan members who have used these services
  • Ability to compare provider costs
  • Helpful stuff like hours of operation, languages spoken and online appointments
  • The latest health apps and products supported by reviews from users
  • Insights from health industry experts on living a healthier life.

V2R Awards
The V2R Awards identify organizations that blaze trails to play a real role in shaping the lives of Canadians. PwC seeks stories that make a difference in four classes: The visionary, the builder, the reinventor and the accelerator.

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