September 03, 2018

SLF Milestone 2020 Fund no longer marketed

In July 2018, the Sun Life Financial Milestone 2020 Fund ("Milestone 2020") was designated as no longer marketed on the Sun Life's core investment platform. Accordingly, Milestone 2020 is no longer available for addition to client fund line-ups. Milestone 2020 will continue to remain open to new money from clients that currently offer it via our core platform.

Milestone 2020 has the shortest time to maturity within the eight fund Milestone Target Date Series ("Milestone"). Milestone includes a guaranteed maturity value feature that provides protection from downside market risk. If invested in Milestone to fund maturity, the investor will receive the highest month-end unit value achieved over the life of the fund. Milestone invests in stripped fixed income investments (to cover the guarantee) and units of the Sun Life Milestone Global Equity Fund. As the Milestone funds approach their maturity, the allocation to the fixed income portion increases and the equity allocation decreases. Milestone 2020 is very close to its maturity, therefore it is comprised of 97% fixed income and 3% equity investments.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.