October 01, 2018

We've upgraded the SunAdvantage my savings website with you in mind

We're excited to announce that new improvements to the SunAdvantage™ my savings website have been made to make your experience that much better!

The upgrades allow for simplified content and access to several new helpful resources for both you and plan sponsors.

These include:

  • A presentation deck to guide you through the online employer application, found under the "Presentations" heading on the site;
  • Numerous plan sponsor materials (Contribution Submission Guides, Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Guide, Contact Sheets, etc), found under the "Brochures & guides" heading on the site.

This means that all new plan sponsors will be directed to these online resources in their introductory emails from the Implementation Project Manager instead of having attachments.

Enrolment forms, contract documents, and other helpful brochures, guides, and presentations are also still accessible through the SunAdvantage™ my savings website.

We hope these changes make your experience with Sun Life easier, and encourage you to browse through the site and become familiar with what's available for you. 

As we strive to make a website that is valuable to you, your feedback is always welcome!

Questions or concerns?
Please contact your Group Retirement Services representative.