August 20, 2018

We're changing our built FOR me and built BY me investment approaches

With the launch of Target Income Plan, our new and innovative investment solution, we need a way to clearly highlight for plan members that this option is different from the target date and target risk funds they may also have in their fund lineups.

We took our cues from the U.S. where this type of product is already in the market. There we usually see the investment approaches split into three categories. We felt this makes a lot of sense, so we're aligning with this trend. Here's what's changing.

We are adding a third investment approach.
We're calling it Do it for me and Target Income Plan will be the only investment option available under this approach for now.

We're also changing the names of the other two investment approaches.
We're renaming built FOR me to Help me do it. Target date funds, target risk funds and multi-risk target date funds go under this approach. Balanced funds are optional.

And we're renaming built BY me to Let me do it, which will cover all the other fund types available.

This means the three categories are:

  • Do it for me – we handle all the investing for you, no decisions needed
  • Help me do it – we point you toward an easy fund and you make one decision
  • Let me do it – you handle all the investing and decisions using our tools

For the Help me do it or Let me do it approaches, we encourage members to re-visit their investments from time to time, or as things change.

Note: If you only offer funds under the Help me do it and Let me do it approaches, we won't refer to Target Income Plan and the Do it for me approach in communications.

Where, how, when?
We will phase these changes in and make updates to all our web/mobile content and printed communications as soon as we can, and as we find good opportunities to do so. You'll start seeing these changes: 

This year As soon as we find the right opportunity
  • The Start Saving enrolment guides (August)
  • Enrolment forms (August)
  • On my plan (once you’re set up)
  • Any newly created marketing material (July and onwards)
  • Investment videos (September to November)
  • Group Choices marketing material (September)
  • In any Target Income Plan marketing material and web content (September)
  • Other marketing material to be determined
  • On mysunlife.ca (Change investments, Investment performance, other videos)
  • Member statements
  • Morningstar reports
  • Member booklets

Questions or concerns?
Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.