November 22, 2018

Plans to Evolve – less effort, better outcomes

Join our webcast on Target Income Plan

As part of the Plans to Evolve campaign, we are pleased to invite you to the first of a series of webcasts dedicated to our innovative solutions.

On Wednesday, December 5 from 11 am to 12 pm ET, learn more about Target Income Plan. Experts from Sun Life Group Retirement Services will give you details on this solution – a first in Canada – and answer questions.

Why income should be the outcome
As an increasing number of Canadians rely on capital accumulation plans (CAP) as a major source of retirement income, we need to change the conversation about these plans to be less about account balances and more about income replacement.

If the role of defined contributions pension plan or other CAP extends beyond supplemental savings – and is a key part of any workforce management program to help plan members retire on time – it's time to provide members with the income-focused support they need.

Target Income Plan is our hands-free tailored investment solution that focuses on a retirement income target, offers specific guidance to plan members to get there, and helps them manage the risks along the way.

Click on the link below to register:

We're looking forward to your attendance!

Sun Life Group Retirement Services is proud to introduce our newest campaign – Plans to Evolve. Everyone has higher expectations. We know people want seamless, simple and personalized information that is relevant to them and their lives.

"Our company's biggest retirement challenge is lack of employee engagement in their plan."

"Our biggest challenge is employees not understanding their plan."

"I'm always interested in hearing about innovations that enhance the plan member experience."

"We try to keep things as simple as possible for employees but still offer choice for our more savvy investors."

We've listened, and now, we are ready to showcase five innovative solutions that represent the next generation of workplace savings solutions. These smart innovations use data analytics and personalized guidance that require less effort and provide better outcomes for plan members.

A personalized digital hub on mysunlife.ca where plan members can see their relevant retirement and savings information in one location. This allows them to make informed decisions and ensure their current retirement savings will meet their long-term financial goals.

An investment solution that not only targets retirement age, but also factors other personal information into our retirement planner such as desired retirement age, current income, saving rate and balances and retirement income goals, while managing investments and risks.

A first-in-Canada personalized rewards solution that motivates plan members to embrace life long financial habits through an interactive experience. As members reach their goals, they will earn reward points to spend at partner retailers of their choice.

A one-stop shop solution that removes the heavy lifting from your hands by delegating investment governance, compliance and legal duties to us. All while improving the outcomes for plan members.

More diverse and state-of-the-art investment options that can be integrated into your workplace savings plan. Our latest investment option, the Sun Life Guaranteed Daily Interest Account, is a favourable alternative to a money market fund that will never have negatives returns for plan members.

We first introduced these solutions at an event that we co-hosted with Benefits Canada in October. We received great feedback from our Clients and we are looking forward to discussing how our solutions can work for your business.

To learn more about how you can integrate these five solutions into your workplace plan, visit sunlife.com/PlansToEvolve or contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.