November 05, 2018

One-click paperless election extended to include tax slips and receipts

We recently implemented a one-click process by which plan members can elect to receive electronic communications for all their business with Sun Life.

We're excited to share that in addition to statements for Group Retirement Services plan members, this option has been extended to include tax slips and receipts starting this upcoming tax season.

How we will be communicating this change to your members:

Channel Messaging
Email communications In early December, an email will be sent to members that have selected the paperless preference, informing them that tax forms will only be available online and that they can change their preference online at any time.

All members (no matter the preference) will receive email alerts informing them when their tax forms are posted on mysunlife.ca.
mysunlife.ca In early January, all plan members will see information about the availability of online tax forms posted on the homepage.
Year-end statements Messages will be available on statements informing all plan members that online tax forms are available.

Our experience shows that members prefer a single setting to manage their paperless preference for all lines of business with Sun Life. By focusing on our digital capabilities, we believe this is another option to improve the member experience.

Please contact your Group Retirement Services representative.