January 29, 2018

Changes to the Core investment platform - adding CI funds

Sun Life regularly reviews our Core investment platform to make changes to our overall offering in response to client interest and evolving market conditions. During a recent review, Sun Life has decided to introduce a number of CI funds to our Core platform, and to add back the CI Portfolio Series and the CI Signature Income & Growth fund to the platform.

The updated Core investment platform
The following funds will be part of the Core investment platform effective immediately:

  • CI Portfolio Series (Target Risk) ― re-addition to Core
  • CI LifeCycle (Target Date) ― new addition to Core
  • Signature Income & Growth ― re-addition to Core
  • Cambridge Asset Allocation ― new addition to Core
  • Cambridge Canadian Equity ― new addition to Core
  • Black Creek International Equity Fund ― new addition to Core

No mapping or action required by plan members
Plan members will see no mapping as a result of these changes, and will not need to take any action, other than learning about the fund choices in their plans.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.