November 05, 2018

Announcing the Lumino Health Network – empowering Canadians to live a healthier life

In 2017, Sun Life's purpose statement expanded to include helping our Clients live healthier lives.

On October 30 2018, we announced our latest innovation with the Lumino Health Network. This premier service offering is available to all Canadians, so your employees can share it with their family and friends.

For free, Canadians can find top-rated health-care providers, products and services. All Canadians will now have access to Sun Life's powerful Provider Search tool that our Clients use today.

Our commitment:

  • Empower Canadians to live a healthier life
  • Provide Canadians with simple and relevant health solutions

Your employees will see promotions about Lumino Health on mysunlife.ca and the mobile app in the coming days. Advertising campaigns will run over the coming months through various channels including web and digital media, social media, radio, transit signage, and much more.

Check out the latest health-related apps, products and services at luminohealth.ca. 

Contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.