August 21, 2017

More updates to mysunlife.ca

Earlier this year the landing page of the secured plan member site, mysunlife.ca, underwent a mobile responsive redesign. The update created a new, consistent look and feel across our online channels, further enhancing the user experience for our plan members, and was the first of many planned updates.

As we continue to evolve our online user experience, we’re excited to announce more improvements: in Fall 2017, the Profile & preferences section will offer a more intuitive and user-friendly way for members to update their email address and phone numbers. There will also be a link to a new “Email & phone” page directly from the top-right drop-down menu, with the same, sleek look and feel as the main landing page.

Stay tuned for future updates to mysunlife.ca in the months ahead.

For more information, please contact your Group Retirement Services representative.