October 24, 2016

Retirement: Healthy, happy, free! - Insights from working and retired Canadians

Our 2016 GRS Retirement Now Bright Paper provides an insightful connection between what working Canadians need to know about retirement and lessons learned from current retirees. The paper leverages research from the Sun Life Canadian Retirement Index, Retirement Now which surveys 4,010 working and retired Canadians to gather data about their attitudes toward retirement. 

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Highlights from Retirement: Healthy, happy free!:

  • The need for employees to plan for the unexpected
    A surprisingly low percentage of retirees (33%) actually retired as planned. Meanwhile, only 23% of the current workforce states saving for retirement as their top financial priority.
  • Helping you and your employees prepare for retirement
    Retirement has an impact on both the retiring employee and their company. Nudging employees to take action to save, offering financial planning support to pre-retirees, and considering phased-retirement options can help make the transition better for everyone.
  • Advice from Canadian retirees to those in in the current workforce
    The top three pieces of advice from retirees:

1. Take care of your health
2. Start saving and investing early
3. Live within your means

We can help!
Through an assessment of your plan's needs and education programs to match; from  our comprehensive set of planning tools to customized campaigns and education programs, we can help you increase plan member financial literacy, engagement and awareness of the benefits that your plan has to offer.

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