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The latest edition of our ground-breaking benchmark report on workplace savings plans is now available.

Designed for Savings 2016 is packed with plan data, trends and analysis – and continues to provide the most comprehensive look at capital accumulation plans in Canada.




Key trends:

Shorter waiting periods to join a workplace savings plan

More employers are decreasing the waiting period before new employees are eligible to join, allowing immediate participation or participation within the first three months of employment.

Want to know more about this trend? Download the report and check out page 6.


The move toward matching contributions

Matching contribution arrangements have increased by 7% since our 2014 report to 83% for DCPPs and by 6% to 53% for group RRSPs.

What is the typical matching contribution percentage for employers in your industry? Download the report and find out on page 7.



Contributions on the rise

Average employee contribution levels increased close to 9% in 2015. Much of this increase was fueled by the use of TFSAs.

See the latest trends in TSFAs. Download the report and check out page 48.



Popularity of target date funds continues to grow

Five years ago, target date funds represented about 7% of CAP assets with Sun Life Financial. By the end of 2015 assets held in target date funds have grown to 22% of total CAP assets.

Download the report to learn why target date funds are more popular than ever. It all starts on page 25.


Diversification in the face of volatility

Despite volatility, plan members demonstrated a very limited reaction to market movements over the past two years and continue to hold well-diversified portfolios.

You will have to download the report to learn more! See page 29.



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