November 07, 2016

It will soon be easier for members to send documents to Sun Life using the mobile app

Beginning on November 21, we're giving members the option to send other requested paperwork. Besides faxing, emailing or mailing requested follow-up paperwork, members will have the additional option of simply snapping a photo of the documents and sending them through the mobile app, available on Android and Apple devices.

Sun Life is an industry leader in enhancing the member experience by leveraging technology and following stringent security and privacy policies. As of May 2015, members were able to submit some claims through our mobile app, my Sun Life Mobile, by taking a picture of the claim receipt(s). Members are still responsible for maintaining their original documents and receipts.

How does the process work?

When a member submits a health or dental claim, a claim statement or Customer Care Representative will advise the member if more information is needed. Members may be asked to submit different types of documents. For example, a doctor's note or any supporting documentation required to complete a claim.

For members with group savings plans , a Customer Care Representative or a Request for Information letter will advise members if additional information is needed. For example, documents may include a Home Buyers' Plan withdrawal form or banking information.

Each request for additional documentation contains a reference number. Using this reference number, members can submit photos of the paperwork already saved to their library or simply take photos in the app. The mobile function will not work without this number, ensuring only the requested paperwork is sent.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.