DC plan members want simplicity in their investments

Our recent Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) study of over 5,000 Canadian plans revealed to us that Defined Contribution plan members crave simplicity when it comes to saving at work. In November’s edition of Benefits’ Canada, Nadia Darwish, VP, Market Development, Group Retirement Services, explores plan members’ desire for simplicity in her article: DC plan members want simplicity in their investment.

The article provides insight into the challenges plan sponsors face getting plan members to invest in their workplace savings programs and discusses the growing trend of simplified investing among plan members; investing in single-fund solution options which do away with the complexity of building a portfolio for the novice or hands-off investor.

Visit the Benefits Canada website and read the article: DC plan members want simplicity in their investments, today!

Learn more about our Capital Accumulation plan study: Designed for Savings 2014.


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