Your members' online experience gets a new welcome

November 30, 2015

At Sun Life, meeting your needs as a plan sponsor, and the needs of your members, is the focus of what we do. As a result, Sun Life is taking another step towards building a more engaging member experience through Digital Benefits Assistant.

We’re set to launch!
We are pleased to announce that the first Digital Benefits Assistant experience is launching in mid-December with an online welcome for new members. The first time a member signs in to, they’ll see a welcome message and be invited to receive a call from Sun Life Financial to help lead them through the features they can access on

If the request volumes are running above our ability to call back in a timely way, members may be redirected to an educational page that outlines the actions they can take on to help them manage their plan.

Following Sun Life’s innovations like the expanded mobile access, Digital Benefits Assistant is Sun Life's latest technology innovation to help your members better understand and feel confident about their workplace retirement savings plan.

What is “Digital Benefits Assistant”?
Digital Benefits Assistant uses data and advanced analytics to highlight information and present helpful ideas to members at the right time. Over time, members will begin to see solutions more relevant to their individual circumstances through the channels they already use today – on the web, in alerts, and through suggestions when they call the Customer Care Centre, among others. And, it will be done in a manner that respects individual privacy and preserves the trust placed in Sun Life to protect the sensitive financial and health information of members.

For more information please see this recent media release.

No matter which option they see, this initial Digital Benefits Assistant experience strives to offer a friendly welcome that can help new members learn about and understand, appreciate and participate in their plan.

Sponsor exclusions will be respected.

How does Digital Benefits Assistant benefit you, the plan sponsor?
Sun Life’s innovative data-driven, customer-focused approach will:

  • help increase member understanding, appreciation and participation in their plan, through direct relevance and timeliness of offers.
  • bring attention, focus and prominence to increasing member activity where needed (e.g. low participation/enrolment rates, low awareness or participation in savings programs).
  • reduce inquiries to Human Resources through clear communications that leads employees directly to easy to complete actions.
  • help increase members’ satisfaction and shine a positive light on your commitment to provide a high value plan that attracts and helps retain the best employees.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement representative.