Now available: Historical Rate of Return Report functionality

October 19, 2015

Effective immediately, Advisor Workstation 2.0 offers the functionality to run Rate of Return (ROR) Reports for prior periods.

Historical ROR reports can be run in both PDF and CSV formats. In CSV format, a monthly fund and benchmark returns can be produced using either a summary report or a monthly return CSV file.

Historical ROR reports can be produced for five years - where month and year data is available – on, or after the tenth business day of the current reporting month. ROR reports for the current month are available on the tenth business day of any month.

Producing historical ROR reports
Available reports will show in the ‘Select Report’ drop down menu. From drop down box  Select ReportSelect Fund ListSelect Month Select YearLaunch Report.

Historical rate of return

Selecting ‘All Funds’ from the drop down menu will run reports showing only funds on Sun Life Financial’s Core investment platform (CIP) available to Defined Contribution (DC) or Defined Benefit Investments Only (DB INVO) plan sponsors. For plan sponsors with both DC and DB INVO plans, you will need to run two reports by signing in as a DC Sponsor for all DC CIP funds and then as a DB INVO Sponsor to receive a report of the DB INVO CIP funds.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.