New email alerts will encourage members to use the Asset allocation tool and Retirement Planner

April 6, 2015

Beginning mid-April, we are launching two new email alerts for members who have not used the Asset Allocation tool or the Retirement Planner. The emails outline the benefits of using these important financial planning tools and encourage members to sign in to to complete them.

These are the latest email alerts that are being introduced to build member awareness about their workplace retirement and savings plan. You may remember in December, we launched several alerts to provide timely, relevant and useful reminders about the actions members take on < Introducing new email alerts to increase member engagement>

How these alerts will work:

  • We will use an annual trigger date to determine if, and when, a member should receive an alert.
  • When a member reaches that date, we will look at whether the member has access to one or both of these tools.
  • If the member hasn’t started the relevant tool, we will send an email alert to that member.

If 12 months go by and the member still hasn’t started or completed the Asset allocation tool or the Retirement Planner, they’ll receive another alert.

How this benefits plan members
The Asset allocation tool and the Retirement Planner are key to helping members manage their financial future and plan for their retirement. These email alerts will reach members who may not be aware of these helpful tools, ensure they understand the tools’ value and provide instructions on how to access them on

These email alerts may include additional information about relevant additional products and services, based on the permisssions provided by sponsors and by individual plan members.

Contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.