Coming soon...shining a spotlight on Group Tax-Free Savings Accounts

February 17, 2015

Following our success of increasing plan members’ awareness and plan participation with the 2015 RRSP campaign, we are launching our first-ever Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) campaign to educate members about the features of a TFSA and the advantages of investing through work.

Starting on March 3, campaign messages will appear on and relevant service alert emails, encouraging members to contribute, or increase their contributions. These messages will highlight:

  • The advantages of a Group TFSA, noting lower management fees than are typically available to average investors on a retail basis
  • Sun Life TFSAs offer a broad range fund options within the group plan
  • The flexibility of using TFSAs for short-term savings goals (e.g., a home or an emergency fund) and longer-term goals (e.g., additional retirement savings)
  • Tax savings on the interest or investment earnings
  • How easy it is to contribute at work via payroll deductions or lump sum contributions on or my Sun Life Mobile, depending on the member’s plan set up

Our Group TFSA campaign is the latest step in our efforts to engage and educate members about the saving options available to them through their workplace retirement and savings plan.

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.