Coming soon! my Sun Life Mobile keeps growing with new features

June 15, 2015

This summer, we are launching new features on my Sun Life Mobile, including targeted messages to provide timely and relevant information for members through their smartphone. And if you have a benefit plan with Sun Life, your members can take photos of their claim receipts with their Apple devices.

my Sun Life Mobile continues to be a hit with plan members! Since launching the "make a contribution" feature in December, there have been 340 lump sum contributions submitted as of April 30, 2015. It’s clear that more plan members are using their smartphones to interact with their workplace plan, so we are excited to once again provide enhancements that will make it easier for members to take advantage of what their plan offers.

This summer, we are launching three new features on my Sun Life Mobile:

Targeted messages - available on Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Similar to, we will provide timely and relevant information to members about their workplace plan that will be targeted based on the specific plan details and the permissions provided by sponsors. In some cases, the messages can be even more impactful as they will surface based on what the member is doing on the app.

  • my notifications - we are adding a message centre that will show messages, ranging from fund updates to  offers available through their workplace plan. From the main menu, members can easily see how many unread messages are waiting for them.
  • Contextual messages - on select screens throughout the app, we can provide information about additional reminders or offers that are relevant to what the member is doing on the app. For example, if a member is able to make a mobile lump sum contribution, we will include a reminder to do so on the « my balances » screen and provide a direct link to that screen

Digital image capture for benefit claims - available on Apple devices only.
Plan members who have their benefits plan with Sun Life will be able to snap a photo of many of their benefit claim receipts, and submit the claim through my Sun Life Mobile. Once this enhancement is in place, members will be able to submit additional paramedical specialties and expense types, including  nursing, lab tests, and equipment and medical supplies.

For now, the digital capture feature will only be available on Apple devices. This fall, this feature will be launched on Android devices.

Our commitment to mobile innovation
As Canadians increasingly turn to their smartphones to manage their finances, we are committed to continually improving our mobile capabilities to make it more convenient for your members to take advantage of what your plan offers.

  • If you don’t provide mobile access for your plan members, now is the time to reconsider!
  • If you do, your plan members can go to to download the app and explore the new features. To help with the promotion, your Group Retirement Services representative will have materials to help you create campaigns.

Contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.