money UP webinar on financial literacy available on demand

October 6, 2014

On September 24, we co-hosted a webinar to share how money UP is helping to build financial literacy and improve participation in workplace retirement and savings plans. The on-demand version is now available.

The webinar - Inspiring financial literacy in the workplace: Sun Life Financial case study - featured Nadia Darwish, vice-president, market development of Sun Life Financial, and Rajat Paharia, founder and chief product officer of Bunchball, who discussed:

  • the challenge of engaging employees in workplace retirement plans
  • how money UP was designed to motivate employees to take action and save for retirement
  • why intrinsic motivators, such as social interaction, progress and autonomy, are especially important for engaging Millennials
  • real-world business results from the money UP platform
  • tips on how other organizations can develop and launch a gamification program

If you were unable to attend or if you simply want to share this with others, you can access the on-demand version here ->

The webinar is in English only.

Who is Bunchball?
Bunchball is an industry leading gamification software company that has partnered with over 100 business clients – including Sun Life Financial -- to implement gamification programs for their employees and customers. Its founder, Rajat Paharia, is widely recognized as a market leader in the gamification industry (

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