New page on makes it easier for RRIF/LIF members

December 15, 2014

To help Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) and Life Income Fund (LIF) plan members to view their scheduled payments, we created a new page on that displays details about their upcoming scheduled payment details including:

  • Payment Type (Maximum, Minimum, Level, Indexed, Interest only)
  • Frequency (Monthly, annually, Quarterly, Semi-Annually)
  • Date of the month of subsequent payments
  • Next Scheduled Payment Date
  • Current Year Minimum amount
  • Current Year Maximum Amount (LIF plans only)
  • Level payment Amount (members who have selected the level payment type)
  • Index amount (Members who have selected the indexed payment type)
  • Interest only Amount (Members who have selected the Interest only payment type)
  • Federal, Provincial Tax withholding amounts or percentages
  • Minimum Payment amount is based  on: (Member or Spouse Date of Birth)
  • Member’s Date of Birth
  • Banking Information (Direct deposit will be displayed if applicable)

Plan members cannot take action from this webpage, and can continue to use their existing methods (Sun Life Financial’s Customer Care Centre or HR department), as appropriate.

This new Scheduled Payment Details page can be accessed from my financial centre:  

  1. From the my financial centre home page -> My account -> Common actions
  2. From the Accounts drop down menu
  3. From the Quick links drop down menu

Contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.