Feedback tool available on

May 12, 2014

On April 30, a feedback tool was added to all pages on so plan members can provide detailed on-the-spot feedback about their experience on the site. Our plan member website is an essential tool in helping members manage their workplace retirement and savings plan, so it's important we get their suggestions on how to make improvements.

About the feedback tool

  • The feedback tool can be accessed from every page within, either from a link along the top navigation bar or from the button along the side of the page.

  • It opens a questionnaire that plan members can use to rate us on the design of the pages or the site, content, usability and overall experience, as well as whether they are able to find what they were looking for.

  • You may recall that in 2012, we added a similar feedback tool to the GRS pages as part of our enhancements to This was taken offline last year while we worked with the third party vendor on a technical issue with their reporting console. The issue has been fixed so the updated tool was added to all pages of on April 30, 2014.

Personal information collected
When plan members submit their feedback, we will only collect their group retirement services contract number. This information will only be collected or stored as part of this online survey process and used to report the survey responses to us. The contract number and plan members' feedback will be used on a non-identifiable basis by Sun Life Financial to help improve Plan member feedback will be used by Sun Life Financial solely to make improvements to the site; it will not be shared with plan sponsors.

We will ask your plan members to not provide any personal information that will make them identifiable to us - like their names or plan member IDs - in any of the comments they provide through the survey.

Contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.