Introducing money UP! A new approach to financial literacy

December 16, 2013

Our new game-inspired approach to plan member education program - money UP - is now available on!

We are excited to announce the latest innovation in plan member retirement and savings education - money UP! Learn more. Earn More.

money UP uses a game-inspired approach to retirement and savings education that challenges plan members to learn using their own competitive spirit to complete saving and investing related missions.

  • For plan members - they increase their financial knowledge, complete important retirement and investment planning steps - and have some fun along the way.
  • For plan sponsors - money UP helps you achieve your broader goal of ensuring members learn about their plan - and are encouraged to save more and take advantage of what it has to offer.

Access to money UP is automatic - there is no specific action you need to take as a plan sponsor. On December 15, money UP was rolled out to all plan members as a standard feature on

So read on to learn about the program and how you can encourage your plan members to participate.

About the game-inspired approach

money UP is an interactive program that is based on gamification, a concept that uses game mechanics in non-game experiences. Many U.S. retailers - such as Nike and Starbucks - have used this concept to attract their customers and motivate them to learn about their products.

We're proud to be the first financial institution in Canada to introduce an interactive experience that:

  • encourages plan members to take positive actions relating to their retirement savings;
  • increases their financial knowledge and confidence; and
  • improves plan member appreciation of their plan.

How it works

  • Easy access from my financial centre - plan members can access money UP right from my financial centre.
  • Learning through the missions and levels - money UP challenges plan members to learn about their retirement plan using their own competitive spirit to complete activities - called missions - in six levels. The game takes them through each mission and level step-by-step, with the levels starting off easy then increasing in complexity as players move higher. Plan members are quizzed at every level to make sure their new knowledge sticks.
  • Competition through the Leader Board - as plan members complete their levels, their progress will be noted on the Leader Board where they can see how well they are doing compared to their colleagues. Much of the money UP fun comes from players competing with work colleagues to move up the Leader Board.
  • Newsfeed - the Newsfeed is updated immediately to reflect a plan member’s accomplishments - and shows what plan members have shared through their Twitter and Facebook social networks.

What you need to know

On December 15, money UP was rolled out to all plan members as a standard feature on We communicated this to plan members with web banners and messages throughout, and plan members can begin playing money UP immediately.

Stay tuned - in 2014, we will launch a promotional campaign to encourage plan members to money UP!

Please contact your Sun Life Financial Group Retirement Services representative.