Creating my plan

myth: A financial plan is too complicated.
truth: A financial plan is as simple, or as complex, as you'd like. It's up to you.

Use our Life Stage Planner

Try the Life Stage Planner. It's a fun tool that will help you identify or confirm issues that people at your life stage often face. Answer a few quick questions and we'll give you some financial topics to think about.

Stay focused and on-track, review your plan regularly and keep it current.

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What parts can make up my plan?


  • Spending plan: Know where your money is going and direct it to where it should go and away from where it shouldn't.
  • Pension: What you can expect from the government and your employer when you retire.
  • Investments: e.g. RESP, RRSP what you need to save on your own and grow it.


  • Life insurance: Protects your family and your mortgage from the unexpected
  • Health insurance: Protects your finances if you get sick.
  • Will and estate planning: Your family will be taken care of if you die unexpectedly.
  • Tax plan: Ensures you don't pay tax unnecessarily.


Your plan will change and grow over time as your needs and goals evolve. It can start with a simple list of your goals and a spending plan. It can grow to include more parts later on.

See a case study Document Adobe PDF about how Lisa and Michael worked through their financial plan.

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