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About Century Group Financial Solutions Inc.

Century Group Financial Solutions Inc advisorsAt Century Group Financial Solutions Inc., we engage clients with a remarkable service experience, delivered by a full-service team of experienced professionals. With customized investment and insurance solutions designed to help maximize your money, we help clients achieve their personal vision for lifetime financial security.

Matt Wilhelm* FLMI CFP® FMA
Advisor, President of Century Group Financial Solutions Inc. Certified Financial Planner™, Financial Management Advisor

Matt Wilhelm Advisor As president of Century Group, Matt, along with his partners, leads the business to manage all clients' financial needs with the highest level of service excellence. Since beginning his career as a financial advisor in 1992, Matt has worked diligently to build an enviable practice based on client engagement, exceptional service and investment performance. Matt's priority is to conduct regular reviews with clients to help ensure their investments are performing as strongly as possible in any market condition and through every life stage. Clients appreciate his enduring commitment to their financial success. In fact, most clients who relied on him during his early years in the business still rely on him today, more than two decades later.
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Peter Stern* BA FLMI CFP®
Advisor, Chief Financial Officer

Peter Stern AdvisorPeter began his career as a financial advisor in 1991 and has built a solid practice based on trust and service. His specialty is ensuring a full-service approach to your financial planning, incorporating the elements of wealth building through investments and protection through insurance products. Through regular reviews and astute investment selection, he helps clients achieve respectable growth through the years, while still protecting their loved ones. With his years of experience, he is committed to helping clients achieve lifetime financial security.
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Chris Moore* BAS CFP®
Advisor, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Moore AdvisorChris is responsible for managing the overall operations of Century Group, overseeing all staff and facilities management. Since beginning his career as a financial advisor in 1994, Chris has developed a specialty in advanced financial planning strategies assisting both individual and corporate clients. He believes that creating, implementing and monitoring a personalized financial strategy is essential for clients to achieve financial success. Clients benefit from his expertise in wealth strategies, estate planning and tax planning.
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* Mutual Funds distributed by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.